it’s not how you bowl, it’s how you roll


Life is more FUN if you play games!


A poet said about pool that is a game which combines ritual with geometry.

MaxFun is the place where you will find preferred activities for having fun with your friends and family.

A design full of color invites you to have maximum fun with all your love ones, no matter to activity you choose: bowling, pool, redemption machines, bar lounge or a private party for a special moment from your life.



Enjoy a delicious snack and preferred beverage
or a special cocktail create for you.

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In FunShop you will find hundreds of prizes to choose in exchange of the points you gather, from toys of popular cartoons to the coolest gadgets, you can find all of them in FunShop and are yours to get.


  • Very good the idea with the tickets. My kid wants as much prizes as possible, I went to a birthday party at MaxFun and we had a very good time and for sure we will return

    Radu Alexandru Cotroceni
  • Good music, a colorful and cheerful place

    Diana Cotroceni
  • Locations is super and the personnel very kind

    Paciu Marius Cotroceni
  • I felt wonderfull in your location, is the perfect place for spending a relaxing evening with friends

    Adrian Cotroceni
  • At MaxFun I can get a product that I need by having fun. I love the clowns game, I would like more games like this one

    Andrei Niculae Cotroceni
  • The pool tables are excellent, the place is spacious and well divided

    Sorin Cotroceni